Sunday, April 24, 2016

I refuse to let one insensitive and rude remark ruin my day, and so here goes:

1. JJ Lin performed at Star Awards (AHHH!!! rare fangirl moment hehe, but I've missed watching his performances. He's just SO.GOOD. singing live!)
2. I was arguably productive today
3. I learnt to place my problem before God first instead of relying on my very limited knowledge to try to fix it.
4. Despite everything, I had good moments with my family today (and I ate ma la guo with my dad - even though it really wasn't spicy at all D: I guess it's time to seek out better ma la guo!)
5. Exam week is coming! Which also means it'll end soon! And I really can't wait because there are so many other things that I want to do during the vacation. (yes, plan. I will start planning.) I initially thought that I had loads of time but looking at my schedule which is filled with camps and the study trip, it seems like a packed vacation after all. Either way, I'm thankful for it :)

With this, good night :)

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