Sunday, April 3, 2016


Had a quick read at my dear friend's blog yesterday (hi pig, yes you!) and am feeling quite happy :) Press on my dear, you are indeed very very precious.
Haven't been in the best of moods recently and sometimes it scares me because I feel like I'm becoming the exact person whom I've always said that I wouldn't be. Perhaps it's the stress / finals / lack of sleep / PMS / all of the above, but I've always believed that these shouldn't be excuses for one to be less than nice towards others.

I can't wait for the holidays. I truly need some time reading / cafe-hopping / people watching / hiding in the library / drawing / writing / jogging / rolling in bed (ok I do this a lot even during school term tbh) / playing piano (/ travelling?)
Anyway, thought I would share snippets of my family because I don't often talk about my parents and living in Cinnamon has made me appreciate time with them more (even though I find that with the luxury of having two "home"s, I tend to escape to either one when I face problems).

My mum. So yesterday, she asked "do you have a bit of time..?" sheepishly and I knew something was up. She wanted to me help her dye her hair (again). I would reluctant say yes every time, because professional hair services are really affordable nowadays. But you don't actually have much of a choice when she requests. Anyway, my point is: I was thinking, if my mum doesn't 认老 soon, I'll have to dye her hair even more frequently (and reluctantly haha) in the future. Then it struck me that she's getting old. I guess a reason why I don't recognize this fact as much as I should is exactly because she's always trying to look young and her petite built doesn't help either (I suppose humans are often very visual and forgetful). So, I am learning to better love her and treasure moments with her, whether good or bad.

My dad. My friends generally know that I'm closer to my dad. Through all these years, I literally might have died if he weren't around. Yesterday, he offered to fetch me to and fro Chew's birthday party (I really, really did tell him that I could go there by myself!!! But he probably thought that I'm too much of a klutz to do so x.x) Even when he dropped me off back home, I knew that it was another few hours of work before he would knock off. (Can't quite find words to express myself now) Basically, he has been my hero for the longest time ever and I can't imagine anyone else who will treat my as though I'm really a princess and I can't wait for the day when he doesn't have to work so hard anymore and I'm just very blessed.
A very rare and wordy post from me, and rather unedited too~ Back to essay now!

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