Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 is ending soon, I'm honestly not prepared for this. No matter what, its still going to come :/ I guess I'm just scared of changes.
Oh and recently, I've a sudden craze over dresses and skirts :D I quote kell: 'I actually feel like a girl!' hahaha ok.
Out with three sexy skinny shits :) met reb at ion first and she kept complaining OH WELL jealousy! Then huipig and kell :) dinner and gossip and laughed like mad loud O: ESP. REB. She basically ignored the fact that there was this couple right beside us and continued talking. And then camehored a BIT. (I need to tell you that I'm usually not a camwhore-ish person :D) and when I was going home, I realized that I'm going to miss these skinny sexy shits so much la :/ Lubbb you all :D
Gonna set my new year resolutions in a short bit :) after I um pack my desk! 2011 is going to be a better year, hopefully :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

a year without rain

I'm listening to SNSD while typing this ._. I cannot believe myself.

HOWEVER, you have to admit that their songs are kinda catchy, and some of them are kinda pretty, and their MV/dance are kinda good.


(because they can never beat LMH, KHJ, or KB C:

and of course not

The point of this post is,
I'm waiting for the photos from Rebecca and Fiona (yes, this is a hint that you two should hurry up!) to be posted.
Actually, I'm kinda lazy to describe, but the chalet was filled with fire, bbq, microwave oven, candles, marathons, movies, butt bumps, jumping shots, hugging, cats, sleeping on the armchair/floor, scramble on iphone, PRANK CALLS, okok now I find the total need to re-enact a scene, because the person most probably won't be reading this post
One of us: Hello, we are calling from SIA, to inform you that your air ticket to Australia has been cancelled. Would you like book another air ticket?
The other person -ahem hahaha- : huh cancelled?
Us: Yes, so would you like to book another...
The other person: Wait arh, PAPA!!!
and we hung up. Come to think of it, it's kinda evil, isn't it? O: what's done is done!
Oh, oh and chalet was filled with talks, fear of getting slashed, 'I am cool', bonding games like the less-than-thirty-seconds-introduction-which-doesn't-really-count-as-an-introduction and the Game of Tempo which Fiona took a pretty long time to figure out xD, crazy/sexy (if you even count it as sexy hahah) dancing to 'Low', freaking people out by acting like some ancient tribe from the forest, and of course, not forgetting all the laughter! ♥
I'm just a little sad to know that next year, no one is going to laugh with me during geog lesson, sleep with me under the stars (stop assuming things!), shout random people's name when we walk past them, play scramble like crazy and breaking records, and bollywood dance with me.
ILYLoads, 213!

Monday, November 22, 2010

'Cause Baby you're my firework

7 things that cheered me up!
1. strawberries in the shape of big red butts!
2. the thought of 213 chalet + the gossips + movies + sleeping together (._.) + ALL THE FUN!
3. reading
4. talking to caroline BFF! <3
5. receiving random sms that says the sweetest thing you've ever known (:
6. dancing to Tell The World - Hillsong Kids
7. Having midnight sms / talking sessions (:

How can you not love life!

Monday, November 1, 2010

boggle -or scramble as the application prefers to be called, but it reminds me of scrambled egg! - is addictive (: yingtong and huiting would know.
today was like boring - with two talks that lasted for two hours each, how interesting can it get?

after school was awesome though ^^ (I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with 1 chinchilla, 1 dog and like a few hamsters, believe me. AND CARL'S JUNIOR NEXT TIME :D)

On the other hand, sometimes, just sometimes, I really wish I wasn't in this family, because sometimes, this home barely feels like one :l then again, I love my dad too much, I don't think I can survive without my dad (:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

brand new day

I decided to (re)start a blog, simply because I think it's gonna help me reflect, and I think I really need to be more reflective!
However, given my time management, this blog probably won't survive for more than a year. But whatever, it's the effort that counts :D
And thanks fiona for helping me with choosing the url!
I love it when I hear the birds that keeps calling, and then I hear another distinctly different bird that replies (:
my dad likes to call them the kukubirds ._.
And I love funny conversations -
Me - you even more evil than me! I'll just feed it to the zebras i guess, they look too bony, confirm malnutrition!
Sheryl - what's the difference between feeding to the sharks and the zebras man! -.-
Me - zebras will eat slowly, sharks treat it like nothing and gobble it!
Sheryl - gobble then no feelings what!
Me - ...already no feeling what! -.- then feed to zebra at least it feels more...worthy coz zebras appreciate it more!
Sheryl - haha, but wait a second, don't zebras eat grass?! O:

it's the feeling when i'm at the top of the world