Thursday, March 17, 2016

1 a.m. thoughts

EDIT: Incoherent / meaningless / negative post ahead. Please spare yourself the trouble of reading if you are already in a bad mood.
It's 1 a.m., and I have been up past midnight for a few consecutive days. I should be sleeping, really. But I just couldn't get rid of some thoughts and I'm too lazy to write in my diary. So this might just be one of the rawer posts you'll find on this blog. (may delete this post soon though.)

Some days I get so tired of being nice. Of giving people the benefit of doubt. Of trying to make the world a better place. Of smiling when I'm tired. Today is one of those days. Maybe not the whole day, because it's hard (for me) to stay in a constant state of pessimism towards people. But just moments. Moments when people are so unappreciative / pragmatic / self-centred. Yet this bookmark tells me "Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle." (Apparently Plato said it, wowsss.) It's true, you don't know what people go through unless you step into their shoes. But you can't. (And my mind goes on and on, especially after taking Arnold's module, it's making me think more about my thinking - metacognition! Not sure if that's good though, I might have the tendency to overthink.) Yet some days, or some moments, I just feel like being selfish and saying "yea I'm part of the 'everyone' who's fighting a harder battle".

It is beyond me why our priorities change (for the worse) as we age (mature yes / no / not sure?). I was talking to Rachel (who always makes me feel like there is hope and that I'm not fighting the battle alone. And makes me feel really comfortable and at peace) and it's a common view we hold, that too many people are just so fixated on worthless things. That claim might be a bit too harsh, but what I mean is that, people are sacrificing important stuff for the less worthy things (at least in my opinion, which I firmly believe in). This reminds me of what Jim Elliot said: he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. While he was presumably referring to eternity when making that statement, I find it applicable to many aspects in life as well.

I actually feel better after this incoherent blabber. Good night :) Bilveer's readings can wait till tomorrow.

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