Monday, November 9, 2015

What makes me happy

Re-read one of my older blog posts, and decided to embark on this (with full knowledge that finals are in 2 weeks, and WCT is still unfinished oops. But like what I told JH, there are some things far more important that work, and well, this feels important right now~)

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Not sure if I can finish today, but here goes~ (and in no particular order)

#10 - Talking to old friends. Like how we were talking about first impressions during fellowship yesterday and it dawned upon me that I've known some of these people for nearly half my life, and that we've watched each other grow (': It's a beautiful, beautiful feeling!

#9 - Listening to songs and dancing / singing to them. Not that I can sing or dance, but just random wiggle / headbanging / body waves and shrieks / off-key singing hahaha

#8 - Pretty and cute pictures / quotes. This is why I prefer Instagram over Facebook - I felt that there was too much negativity and angst on FB, whereas Insta is generally filled with happier stuff.

#7 - Playing the piano. Always been my hideout when I'm upset. Currently trying to learn Forbidden Colours (Ryuichi Sakamoto) and MYYY GOODNESS, why does it have to be in such a difficult key.

#6 - Being in-the-moment, or simply put, stoning. Like, sitting by the window ledge (my fave spot in the room!) enjoying the breeze, or being by the seaside listening to the waves. As much as I love hanging out with friends, I think that there's beauty in alone time. And I don't mean alone time mugging, I mean alone alone.

-- Can't think of anymore at the moment, so I shall leave with one of my favourite quotes from Le Petit Prince (which I've yet to read actually). I shall drop by the French bookshop soon ^^ --

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."

Au revoir!

#5 - Quiet time. I think more than happiness, it keeps me grounded and at peace, which is so important in a world filled with noise.
                                                                           哥林多前书 6:12
(I just realised that this is such a multilingual post...)

#4 - Traveling. I really enjoy taking the plane and landing at an unknown place, spending time to explore it. Till date, I've enjoyed every overseas trip. 
And, just for fun, I shall list the places that I would love to visit ^^
  1. France - Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, etc.
  2. Taiwan - I can't believe my parents really went there while I was in China )':
  3. China - Tibet, Guilin, Hangzhou, and perhaps Beijing again
  4. UK - Cornwall, Edinburgh, London (again)
  5. Thailand - Chiang Mai, Thailand islands
Ok the list makes me happy already hahaha. Someone find me a job whereby all I need to do is travel please!!! 

#3 - Jogging (at night, because I really don't like the sun). Plus it makes me feel healthier and then I can eat more.

#2 - Eating ^^ Doesn't need to be expensive food but I think that the company / taste / ambiance matters more (in order of importance, yes). But I would love ice cream and chocolate anytime anywhere with anyone <:

#1 - Sleeping after a long, long day.

Goodbye :)

I've decided not to lock this blog up anymore, for no particular reason really, just didn't see the need to lock it anymore.

je suis paumée. 

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