Saturday, January 30, 2016


I know, I know... birthdays are but a social construct. Nevertheless, I gladly accept this social construct as it is ahaha.

Blessed beyond words this birthday. I honestly didn't expect much of a celebration because everyone is so busy everywhere, literally everywhere. Then everyone came and surprised me (': (and I love surprises!) And I received so many cards! (I love cards!) And had so many cakes! (I super love cakes too!) And I met friends whom I haven't seen for really, really long (Who doesn't love the feeling of catching up with old friends).

This post is revealing my bimbotic / unthinking side, but well, what's a personal blog for if it's not personal, right?

I think I've come to a point in life (note: I'm not using age as a benchmark here) whereby I know who are friends I want to and can keep for life - and many of them appear in the photos above.
Thankful for friendships :) 

Off to work (amidst frequent coughing fits sigh) ~~~

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