Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Le Sens De La Vie

If you never figure out le sens de la vie, can you still lead a meaningful life?
I've always wanted to be different, to be myself. Yet somehow I end up being just like anyone else, going through the same system that I've so often criticised.

I speak and write about how everyone should pursue their own dreams - music, arts, literature, photography, anything. But, just as what I learnt this Sunday, when you truly believe in something, you act like you believe it. If you truly believe that a stuntman can carry you across a tightrope safely, you wouldn't mind volunteering for the act. Similarly, if you truly believe that everyone should follow their dreams wholeheartedly, you yourself should do so too.

But I don't.

I dream of building a school in rural areas. I want to teach kids to find purpose in life. I aspire to open a cafe and a social enterprise, to bake for a good cause. I hope to go on frequent mission trips. Yet, the closer I inch towards my career path, the further I seem to walk away from my dreams. It's a mix of worry and helplessness, a mix of personal insecurity and external pressure.

Même dans le ciel qui se voile
Il y a toujours une étoile
Qui scintille et nous guide sur le chemin de nos rêves

On a sidenote, incredibly excited for The Script!!
And I promise my next post won't be this heavy.

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