Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm actually in the midst of trying to complete my maths RAFT about some discriminant trying to matchmake a curve and a line? ._. alright alright, but I decided I shall post something because, I suddenly feel like blogging. Plus, leaving my blog half dead isn't exactly very fair to it.
These few days, I feel rather...i don't know if it's the right word, but, accomplished?

was SMPF (: I'm really glad we did pretty alright. Considering how I didn't stutter, and didn't screw up the clicking of workflow, and how the judges didn't ask anything too mathematical that was beyond my comprehension. And I'm really glad to have sabrina and xuanli as my MRP teammates as well, even though the most probably won't read this. Even though we're forever doing last-minute work, and end up pasting scripts on the actual day of the projects fair -ahem-, but I guess having both of them really made the experience so much fun. Plus, I'm like the most un-mathematical person you can ever find doing a maths project /:
Then at night, there was dinner with church yay (:
I think that being the vice president has really helped me to feel more... connected to youth fellowship. And I'm really happy that I'm getting closer to someone whom I was previously quite close to, but drifted away from (: You know, that feeling when you used to be so close to a person, but now you've nothing to tell him/her? Yeah, good thing that's not happening.

Church! I think, something really struck my heart today. I didn't go to church in the best mood possible, even though I guess I should have /:
And there was the Q&A session that I kinda screwed even though nicholas and caroline said it was ok. I should have spent more time on it, yes.
Now that MRP is over, it's time to get back to my daily work again.

Tomorrow, I really want to do something, but I'm not sure ):
And I don't know what's the next step I should take, and I don't know how I am suppose to continue like this.

Nevertheless, I thank God for giving me great friends (:

p.s. huixuan thank you for always being there.

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