Monday, February 21, 2011

21 February.

I learn a lot from life everyday.

Toddlers are so cute.

Everyone wants to be a fat bumblebee , because it's The Fashion Statement in some point of their life(:

Anyway, today while I was on my way home like quite late, then this Indian toddler + his or her mum in the lift with me. And he or she (oh gosh i don't even know if the kid was a dude or a dudette ._. ) pointed to my flashy pink bag and laughed, and then pointed to my pink phone and laughed again haha. then after I got out of the lift, my neighbour's kid highfived me and told me that there were cars (even though it was kinda dark and I actually only saw trees haha)

I think I really need to be more decisive on certain things. Because, as much as friends can give me advices, but ultimately it's gonna be me who makes the decision. and I really hope that I make the right one.

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