Monday, October 26, 2015


Such a tumultuous week.

I've faltered. I've stood up only to fall again. Yet all this while, His grace is enough.
Blessed with so many great people around me, who have been loving me unconditionally. I really don't think that I deserve all these beautiful people, but I'll try my best to love more and worry less.

If there's anything that I've learnt about myself in these few months of college life, it is that I've lost the trust I have in people, in strangers. Somehow I have learnt to build defenses and become wary of people and their intentions. Not too sure if it's a good thing... but personally, I hate being this way. As naive as you may think, I like to think of everyone as kind, and everyone's action as an inevitable of circumstances. May I continue to see the good in everyone :)


To you:

I don't know if you're reading this (and I kinda hope that you aren't, at least not now), know that I'll always be thankful for the memories. I hope that you've picked yourself up because I know that you can and you should. You've great tenacity and big dreams, I'm sure that you'll go far. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But don't ever, ever lose the boy within you; the innocence and love for people and beauty; and - for a lack of a better phrase in English - your 赤子之心, because that's truly precious. Know that I'm always here when you need help, and even when you don't really need help. Friends forever - cliche as it sounds, I mean it :)


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