Sunday, May 3, 2015


I'm gonna let pictures do the talking.
Penang was a considerably pleasant trip, and I loved the melange of architectural styles there. The street art was really good and I wished I had more time to explore Georgetown for all the murals!

Food was good too - this is only a very small fraction of what we had. (Workout time, yes I know)

The view exceeded my expectations, especially that from Penang Hill. I could hardly resist the beaches and I might just make a trip further north in Penang solely for the beaches (:

Lastly, it was good family time. I realised how much my parents have aged and it made me reflect a lot on how I have been as a daughter, how we function as a family, and how great His grace has been amidst all these problems in my family. It is a reminder to always, always trust in His plans.

And even though this photo is really unglam, how I wish we could be like this everyday. 

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